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Finding a job online is hard. You have to stand out with an awesome resume
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How It Works

Standing out from the crowd and getting in front of employers is harder than ever.
We'll save you countless hours and improve your chances of landing a new job.

The Problem

1 You have a resume but don't know if it is high enough quality.

2 Employers hire on hundreds of web sites but you're not on them.

3 Employers receive dozens of applications and you don't stand out.

Our Solution

1 We provide a free resume critique so you can improve your resume.

2 We post your resume to dozens of the top job web sites on the internet.

3 We guide you through the entire process of finding a job online.

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Find a job faster

Don't spend countless hours working on your resume, registering on job web sites, and trying to get in front of employers. We do it all for you in one easy tool.

Improve your resume

How do you know if your resume stacks up? Easy. Job Trim will review your resume and provide a free critique so you know exactly what to do to stand out.

Reach 1,500,000 employers

There are hundreds of web sites employers use to find new employees. It would take you countless hours to register on each one. Job Trim does it all for you in minutes.

Automatic job match emails

Don't waste countless hours on job search web sites trying to find new positions that match your skills. We deliver those jobs straight to your inbox.

Search millions of available jobs

Proactively search and apply to jobs that match your skillset. Our database contains well over 5,000,000 jobs in the US so you don't waste time searching various web sites.

One-time payment

Unlike many job web sites, we don't charge a monthly fee. We understand that, once you find a new job, you don't need us anymore. Our service costs just $64.99, once.


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About Us

Our Story

Job Trim was founded by Justin Dalrymple after more than a decade of working in the jobs industry. Justin realized that a lot of people were frustrated by the quality of their resume and having to spend countless hours registering on various web sites only to be ignored by employers.

To solve these problems, we set out to integrate all of the tools that job seekers should be using in order to improve the quality of their resume, to reach potential employers, and to stand out from the crowd. After in-depth research, planning, and development, Job Trim was released to the public and is now one of the most trusted companies in the space.

Our Mission

To help others succeed by empowering them with the tools and technology required to find a rewarding new job.

Justin Dalrymple Founder & CEO


We combine all of the best job search tools to help you land your next job!

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